Knowledge of Two Kinds – Heart and Mind

It is not that we need more knowledge about the mind as much as finding how to construct a life- saving bridge from our minds to the knowledge deep in our hearts.

Stranded on the shores of knowledge of the intellect alone, we eventually find ourselves lonely and devoid of real life satisfaction and experience regardless of our accumulation of information.

If we should choose to depend upon our emotions and consciousness of our hearts alone, we soon learn that we need the mind to channel our affections and sympathies appropriately.

We may pay lip service to the importance of the heart and soul but are inconsistent in our references and often suffer some confusion in identifying how to apply this aspect of our nature.

It is not by alternating between our thought activity and our emotional states but by a blending.   We come to realize that it is only the harmonious cooperation between our minds and hearts that will produce the faculty we should cherish – that of ‘common sense’ where the two spheres are blended.

Common sense is capable of serving us as a good friend and guide through the maze of events and circumstances of our lives and throughout its duration.

There are frequent times in our lives when we place more emphasis upon either mental pursuits or emotional needs and perhaps are left wondering which sphere of our intelligence we should listen to – our thoughts or our feelings. It is likely that there are times where our mind says one thing and our emotions another and we must make choices.

In this, it may help to recall that the knowledge of the mind is ever active, changing and growing in our search for truth.

The knowledge of the heart, where the deeper knowledge of life experiences and wisdom resides in stillness is related to our enduring, immortal soul and our capacity to love.

Bhakti Yoga accents Love as Raja Yoga accents Truth. We need them to blend.

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