The richer and wider your embrace and love for life, all that you love will belong to you.
This is the inspiration of the Bhakti – to grow in emotional capacity to love the whole world, in an embrace that does not alter or falter. It is thought this brings a human being closer in consciousness to the Mighty Reality of the Great Creator of the created Universe.
The sacred teachings of the ancient wisdom make us aware that our hearts must stretch and expand in flexibility as far as we find possible.
Our hearts must also be strong and capable of contracting to focus in devotion or upon fulfilling specific tasks required in helping other beings.
Just as the muscles of our body disciplines aim at flexibility as well as strength, so we are guided to develop a strong and loving heart.
What we love we can relate to with open heart and mind, generous and unstinting in affection that will help us to greater understanding just as any adverse contractions of feelings of self alone, make us mean and tend to stunt our development as a humane being.
The passive and constant state of the heart should ideally reflect feelings of loving kindness that allow us to slip deeper to our core where the soul is anchored. There in the permanent atom of the heart is where we find limitless light, wisdom and truth enabling us to link to the source of being.
It could be seen that by experiencing sincere love we bear for life, for people, things, creatures, nature, our country and all facets of human existence will bring us closer to a state of Universal Consciousness that establishes a more direct link with our mysterious Maker.


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