Karma Yoga Means Action

We are taught and most of us profess to believe in the natural law of Divine Justice and the wisdom in acting with “do unto others…” in mind as a guiding or modifying influence. It is a benign law to assist us in making right choices in life.

We may readily also believe that each of us has the wonderful privilege of free will that allows us to make our own decisions and to choose our path through life.  But we may forget that we determine our future fortune or otherwise by our choices made today.

The Karmic Law is one that has been recognized throughout the centuries and taught in all schools of philosophy and religion. It is considered to be the fundamental teaching every spiritual teacher is to impart.

Although varying slightly in phrasing or words it is interesting that this simple teaching is found to be common in all belief systems.

It is the spirit of our own interpretation as well as its application that will influence us in our lives.

There are no favourites in life and we all live under this natural law known to the scientist as that of cause and effect and must recognize that it is we who by our actions today, determine our long term life tomorrows.

Karmic Law is reliable as Universal accountant and computer extraordinaire, with limitless memory.

Our task is to learn to trust in it and live by it as does the Karma Yogi.

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