The world in which we are living in the 21st century is not conducive to health of any kind. We have a struggle to survive- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – having chosen to rebel against or reject the fundamental values and ethics of our culture.
The destructive tendencies of mankind are now rampant in every sphere in society. There are changes that are not constructive and many have contaminated our personal living environment, ruined the refuge offered in harmonious family life and even caused nations to falter.
We hardly need to be reminded of the destruction of our natural physical environment with pollution being an issue on land, sea, and air.
Regarding the subtler areas of human function in the emotional and mental realms we must recognize that there are issues that are equally critical and even more important to our welfare and our future on the planet.
There is unrest or disease apparent on all levels but it is the massive outbreak of psychological issues evidence in depression, violence (self harm and to others), criminality and general aggression so that our societies are now a far cry from the peace, health and happiness we all dream about and wish to share.
However, as individuals and as a people we are responsible for what we have created in wonderful technological and social advances. We are also responsible for rectification of our wrongs, both as a society and as individuals. Only this fact can motivate us to offer our talents to the ultimate good of the whole.
Only sincerity of effort and great life law of Karma will determine the degree of our success.

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