In Touch with the Guru

We all have times when we are happy to make decisions and feel very confident about ourselves and about our lives.  At other times we suffer from indecision or concern about the path we are taking in our lives or careers and would like to be able to refer to someone we highly regard, who will offer some wisdom in response to our queries or problems.

For many reasons, this is not always easy to do. One of the most common reasons is that we wish to be assured of utter confidentiality and impartiality. Another may be that we do not want anyone else to perceive our seeming inability to cope, or to appear weak. So somehow we seem to manage to find a way around most of the material problems that beset us.

However, when we find ourselves at a crossroads in our life and it is important for us and possibly for our family and loved ones, that full and proper consideration should be given before making a decision or change, we are seeking greater wisdom and communication with a superior intelligence that would allow us to feel ‘right’ about our decision, then many of us resort to prayer.

When seeking answers which are concerned with the non material, and involve deeper issues about life or resolution of the perplexities of thought which can overwhelm many of us at times, we would love to have on hand a spiritual guide who has experienced what we are going through, and who has understanding.  It is a natural desire to feel the need for a spiritual teacher and many find that referring to the figurehead of their religion is sufficient. Others like to trust their own higher or soul psyche and benefit by their own inward guidance or intuition.

The way of self reliance offers many benefits, but demands immediate effort to create a psychological attitude that provides us with a basis for direct experiences in consciousness. Often the simplest technique in this discipline is to begin meditation. It requires only that we are seated comfortably with erect spine if possible, eyes closed, remain still, regulate the breath and patiently attune to a single peaceful thought, to appreciate the results. Only when the thoughts become still can we allow our deeper intelligence and intuition to guide us.

This practice prepares us to be receptive and to benefit from a greater wisdom source than our own – from our spiritual Guru.


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