Humanity Progresses

When individuals apply self discipline then it is possible to further the advancement of our race as a whole, albeit droplet by droplet, we can expect humanity’s progress.

Should we as a group in society, or a group of nations or greater still, contribute a unity of effort come from a small or larger group the result is magnified.

We need to advance the positive changes by intelligent and concerted efforts to unify our energies in order to save the destruction of our planet and the disintegration of culture. Prevent the enthronement of monetary power, wealth, greed and all false values.

We need to draw strength from wisdom of the past that has endured as testament to its importance and to welcome inspired concepts from young and old who demonstrate their dedication to improvement of human lives and correcting our mistakes – not only environmental ones, but moral, ethical and cultural errors or omissions.

Whether we apply our efforts in self discipline or choose group involvement, we need to share a commitment that includes  –

Believe in the supreme Power of Nature and take refuge and comfort in its laws

Seek a feeling of one-ness with all life

Harmonious relationship with the natural environment and respect for animals and all nature’s creatures

Respect the common need to cultivate human minds and hearts through expanding consciousness, not contracting

Protect the innocent and defenceless in our life sphere

Apply laws that defend us from invasive practices of those who are not considerate of the welfare and comfort of others

Ban ugliness in material creations and raucous sounds of disharmony in music

Educate our youth through choosing to adopt clear paths of knowledge that have constructive outcomes in application

Discourage all violence not only of action and behaviour, but of thought, word and deed.

Regularly practise contentment and appreciation of the goodness of life and our personal blessings

Realise the qualities and gifts of all natural elements – sun and moon radiations, fire, earth, air and water, minerals, and particularly the plant kingdom, which provides us with so many benefits – food, shelter, fuel, medicine, fabric, and hundreds of other uses

Be creative, each according to our inherent and acquired talents and skills.

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