It may seem to us a natural time to be part of the surrendering processes involved in growth as we appreciate in the southern hemisphere the beautiful peaceful atmosphere that co-incides with autumn.

In the north however, everyone is eager to perceive the bursting of new life as the sap rises and the spirit accordingly responds to an exciting sense of new beginnings.

Both are part of the annual  cycle that is symbolized in several ways in our religion or culture but which we must realise for ourselves as we consider the twin processes of yielding and the effort that follows to initiate new life and growth. The principle applies to all growth in nature including our own.

Whatever symbols appeal to us we usually enthusiastically embrace whether through logic, or religious teachings, philosophy or that created by our own imagination. All have the potential to remind us of the need to surrender things of lesser value for the sake of something greater, as is implied in our word ‘sacrifice’.

At this time, nature helps us in a special way, if we choose to respond to observe and follow the teachings that allow us to grow as human beings. As with all skills, practise in the magic key in finding when to relax and when to make effort toward our personal goal and purpose.

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