Hatha Yoga – extreme controls

To endure and suffer heat and cold without protection….
Longevity –Swami Tailanga is known to have lived 280 years. Others claim about 300 years of life.
Buried alive – Haridasa 1837 is reported to have demonstrated 40 days buried underground in a comatose state during which time there was no growth of hair and nails.
Levitation – Christ walking on the water and overcoming Elements is legendary as is the ability to defy gravity of the Yogic masters.
Super strength – is demonstrated by Yogis to show a power equal to an elephant.
Moses commanding the Natural Elements is a familiar Biblical account.
Firewalking – is demonstrated as an ability amongst Pacific and Hawaiian people
Apollonius – the ancient philosopher with mysterious abilities, was witnessed to have disappeared in one location to immediately reappear in another, far distant.
Blavatsky and others have demonstrated in more recent times telekinesis with the ability to move objects without any physical contact.
Yogananda’s body showed no decay following his death and retained its normal appearance for a long period after.


Some of the above feats are well known and documented and others less so. But many new examples of mind control over the body are being added daily to the record books.
Many extraordinary controls can be considered as an exaggeration of the principle of ‘Mind over Matter.’
But even sports are embracing these performances that create a type of excitement that is yearned for in some individuals who challenge death. We have now accepted what are called “Extreme Sports” that invite danger and in many cases are completely reckless.

Although observers may assess that those who choose to participate are to be pitied if they are indeed so bored with life that only by seeking new ‘thrills’ can they escape the familiar factors of life they cannot tolerate. Without purpose, by extending the boundaries of control we risk sheer sensationalism and destructive outcomes.

However in our present desire to investigate all spheres of life there are hundreds of researchers and scientists as well as individuals deliberately stretching the boundaries of presently known abilities of both body and brain. These efforts certainly show no limit to the potential to use our minds to overcome, control or discover more about ourselves and the world we live in.

If these experiments are harnessed to constructive purpose there must be positive outcomes.

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