Hand Balance Asanas

Most of these Asanas are designed to increase body strength and they require a certain strength for their execution.  Further strength is developed by extending the duration in holding the Asana but in the main, exponents apply a matter of seconds only in sustaining a successful balanced position, particularly in the more difficult poses.

In Hatha Yoga these Asanas are those directly related to the masculine principle (the ‘ha’ of Hatha) or the sun energy and outgoing breath. They are the focus for men who seek to apply the yogic principle and to strengthen their masculine energies both physical and psychological.

Women are encouraged to master the easier ones as a physical challenge to tone their muscles, but little benefit comes from any attempt to hold these positions and in some cases there is possible harm in trying.

In training children in yoga practices, boys are encouraged to achieve a degree of strength by attempting the easier Asanas from an early age and young girls are not discouraged. However, it is made clear at the outset that exercises and physical skills and disciplines are different from the other’s.

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