God – The Simple Path of Love

All those inclined to believe in God as Love come to experience expansions of their heart’s growth and personal capacity to love, rather than allowing a contraction of feeling.

But as we know, love is a very real primal emotional force and feeling thatĀ  has to be cultivated and directed into the various avenues of personal life as we see is appropriate, as well as existing as a general state or attitude.

Although the example of the traditional Bhakti is often used as a point of reference in Yoga, it is in fact the universal path we humans all traverse in seeking spiritual realities beyond the material world. We all dream of a greater and more beautiful life -a world that is at peace and we are loved.

World values fall short of reflecting our aspirations for noble human lifestyles. Yet in the freedom of each individual and because of our free will, we can if we wish, succeed in fulfilling our human potential for expressing goodness, peace and love.

Beyond the limitations that religions and dogma impose we all share theĀ  the heart of all wisdom teachings and agree that love is the vital key and common inspiration – for our personal life, for that of the community and for our spiritual evolution as a civilization.

But we must feel love and as our emotions and feelings grow and extend outside the limitations of our personal ego, we gradually move into closer association with the Creator of all Love… to realize and experience Universal Love.

Is it that simple?

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