For the Spiritual Aspirant

If we undertake personal self discipline for the purpose of allowing better and clearer reflection of our higher of nobler self it demands a degree of self analysis as a starting point. It will help us to comprehend the character of the ‘clay’ that we seek to mould and re-shape to our design.

So we need to acknowledge our present personality.

We need a vision or design in order to perform our transformation.

We need to understand our present self yet be inspired by what we believe is our special potential latent in our future self.

We need persistence and patience to accomplish our ideal.

We may also need some of the fervour or spiritual enthusiasm that is traditionally required for the task.

We need to seek to blend all aspects of our consciousness harmoniously – physical awareness and sensory appreciation of natural life; emotional expression, particularly our loving, compassionate  feelings; our mental thoughts and attitudes so that our mind is clear of superficial chatter. Only then can we hear the whispering wisdom of our soul.

It is not forceful ambition, even though it may be attuned to spiritual purpose, that will allow spiritual growth. Rather it is a gentler approach of persistent cultivation required, knowing that in time our efforts and care will come to fruition.  As in any training, gentle persuasion is better than the whip. We are reminded of the need to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others.

Above all, we need to rely upon special words or phrases to keep our minds tuned in to the channel we desire. The experiences of many people are recorded for our reference and we must learn by heart statements that appeal to us.  We must also be creative and enjoy creating or encapsulating our own private message to ourselves through simple words or symbols that help us stay true to ourselves.

One final reminder is a powerful guide. The body is transient, as are our changing moods and thoughts.  Our soul that is anchored in the heart is our enduring consciousness. Should our thoughts and feelings be in conflict remember, thoughts can lead us astray but the deeper feelings of the heart cannot and it will be by love and intuition that we learn to find our way through life experiences.

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