Flowers – Nature’s Thoughts

Meditation when focused upon flowers can give us some beautiful and surprising experiences.

As we think of the thought and inspiration that is required in our human creation of anything we can seek for the mysterious original idea in Nature that manifests in the exquisite colours, variety and beauty of flowers.

Through meditation we can sometimes get a hint of that Universal Thought that initiated the design, the perfume and the uniqueness of each of the natural species of flowers that we enjoy on our planet.

We can also become more aware of the human work and involvement in  helping to create the hybrids and mixed varieties. These demonstrate the human skills of the horticulturalists responsible for providing us with an even greater range of delights beyond those of our immediate locality and now accessible in our markets as well as in nurseries for cultivation in our gardens.

Beginning with your favourite flower, after contemplating its obvious visual beauty, form and colour, extend your imagination to try to conceive of a quality or thought that could have initiated such a creation, just as you would wish to have insight into the mind of a great artist’s work or painting.

The exciting part is to allow your own intuition to guide you into a gentle, flowing meditation that allows you to be open and relaxed enough to receive a response without any conscious preconception. Just be receptive and take a little time to experience what follows.

Although there are guidelines, material is scarce and possibly no longer in publication. It is better to embark on this meditation for yourself but should you find the need for assistance and the idea appeals, you could enquire through the Aurobindo Ashram, India.


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