Experiences in Meditation

The Meditation experience is unique to each one – variable enough to be exciting time after time. It offers a familiar path of retreat providing refreshment you seek for your mind and soul.

In whatever guise, meditation brings us realization of some kind when we find or suddenly ‘see’ or understand  a simple solution to a previous complexity or even gain a new perception of old ideas. We can also discover something entirely new from our passive state of mind.

In our scale of day to day experiences of realization in our lives, we may suddenly become aware for instance, of the value of our body and determine to better care for it. We may realise an emotional need for love or become aware of the feelings of others or mentally we can come to realise the reality or truth of an idea or become acutely appreciative of the beauties of nature.

The supreme experiences are not of mind or emotions but of spiritual insight when, beyond opposing thoughts and energies, our consciousness comes to rest at a point of illumination or understanding that replaces previous struggles and searches. These deepest experiences are rare and will be remembered, sometimes for a lifetime.

Sometimes your meditation just brings you peace.

Perhaps these words from students will relate to similar experiences of yours.

“I felt quite comfortable although I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands to keep them still. After a little while my eyes stopped still too and I could turn my attention to breathing in the regular rhythmic breath. It was a bit boring so after some minutes I stopped concentrating on my breath and became aware of beautiful colours floating past my eyes, although they were closed. It was lovely. Best of all I felt very calm and peaceful and could have stayed there but for a need to move my body again.”

“I understand that Meditation is to think of something truthful or to think of God. It helps us to be good. When we think of something of beauty, it helps us to be beautiful. When you think of truth, it helps you to be truthful. Meditation takes practice, time and a real interest in understanding Nature, God and the laws of life that govern us.”

“I originally awoke earlier by the light of the most beautiful Moon I’ve ever seen.  It was full and so bright you couldn’t gaze at it for more than a few seconds at a time and even then you had to squint…. I felt I should meditate and sat down to view it and felt bathed in the glow of something bigger than me. I felt blessed…”

Keep a diary of your own experiences in meditation.  You will find it very rewarding.

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