Let us emerge from embryonic human nature and limitations of the egg – to enter the limitless expanses of universal consciousness.
In doing so we are emulating the spiritual message of the Christ.

We are reminded to surrender the sense of our lesser self to experience the mature human state as did Jesus sacrifice his physical life to channel the higher self – the divine Christ.
We learn the lesson of sacrifice – to surrender the lesser for the greater good, and thereby make sacred

Yielding our will to the greater Will of god makes life easy, simple and safe – offering us a way to ultimate spiritual awareness.
Not only are we responsible for ourselves and the use of free will, but we must learn to take on the burden of helping others and so practise willingness through willing surrender to greater life.

Surrender the complexities of life to the simple state of Oneness with All.
Simplicity is the heart of greatness, the subtle scent of truth, a harmony in music, and the blending of nature’s complex palette colours in their final whiteness , purity and truth.

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