Easter Meditation

At this sacred time we are reminded of the essential message of the Christian celebration of Easter – that is ‘sacrifice.’

There may be many ideas and associations relating to the scriptures and to the idea of sacrifice that can be translated on either a personal level or as a spiritual generality when focussed upon the universal symbolism that Nature demonstrates so vividly for us on this planet in the miracle of growth.

In all growth there is observed the yielding of one thing for another life continuance whether this is seen in a material sense as in the crumbling of a rock to make soil or in the shedding of a snakeskin, or on a human level, the maternal sacrifices for a child or the warrior who gives his life for what he holds dear.  Within the whole process we see that life is given for something else to evolve.

The giving of life of Jesus was such that the full potential of the human spirit of the Christ may be known to us, reflects a magnitude of extreme sacrifice motivated by love.  It is to this ideal that we aspire.

We best honour and acknowledge such a wondrous capacity by exercising the principle within our own lives. It is only our imagination can only bring us a measure of understanding by stirring our own capacity to give in some way so that what we love or value most may be preserved or its life or fate advanced.

Easter time in the natural season of the southern hemisphere is a quiet, introvert withdrawal of energies during autumn as in the northern hemisphere the accent is upon the resurrection or joy of the spirit released in spring.

We are encouraged to meditate upon  both aspects of Easter – upon what we value most and would consider giving even our own life for its advance or welfare and also to attempt to identify with the ideal loving and joyful human being that we are all growing toward as our ideal and personified  in the Christ.

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