Diamond Meditation

When we meditate we take a prime thought and choose to identify with it. We generally choose a natural creation that appeals to us so that we can attune to its energies. So, through a focus on things of nature and natural forms, we seek to expand our understanding of the vital creative energies of Nature behind the outer forms and apparent purposes.

This particular exercise in meditation is based upon the lengthy process of natural forces at work over aeons in creating diamonds. The diamond crystals are formed in the earth from carbon in the normal slow evolutionary process that takes millions of years to transform basic black carbon into the pure crystal gemstone that, when faceted, can be displayed in jewellers’ windows. The diamond takes its rightful place as the most royal gemstone. It popularly symbolizes purity, fidelity, power, wealth and truth.

If possible, a true clear and colourless diamond gemstone or ring is used as a material focus for meditation in order to observe its characteristics and its ability to channel natural light and reflect it through the full range of the colour spectrum. The flashes of pure colour are a measure of its quality. We can also meditate using only our imagination if a gem is not available.

The evolution of this thing of beauty and influence arrives at its place of power and perfection as we ourselves seek to be successful in our own self culture over time, as we patiently transform ourselves into the picture we hold of human excellence of our own ideal. Our thoughts seek comparisons. If we could transform any darkness of ignorance or wrongdoing in our being and gradually over time and through the lessons of life experience, develop a crystalline quality that allows us clear perception of the truths of life, our minds could also be pure enough to reflect greater Truths, light and wisdom.

We allow our minds to consider that instead of having to accumulate all knowledge for instance, our minds would, like the diamond, become capable of reflecting the lights and colours of truths as needed. We imagine our minds pure, having emerged from our earthly experiences and pains, becoming pure and capable of radiating the powerful energies of the vitality of the colour red, the enthusiasm of orange, the knowledge of golden yellow, the harmony of green, the love of sky blue, the devotional intensity of indigo, and the spiritual purity of royal purple in response to the Universal Light of Truth itself.

In the experience of meditation we let our thoughts and   feelings flow out from their anchorage in these ideas, choosing to identify ourselves with our own selected finest qualities and virtues or upon the Universal Light itself.

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