Dharma – Our Duty and Our Refuge

When considering the oriental teachings, we would wish to comprehend the importance of the term ‘Dharma.’

Scholars will understand that there are differences of interpretation attributed to Hindu and Buddhist systems but generally it is the first that is associated with classical yoga teachings. The word is simple ‘Dharma’ but it takes many more words to explain the complexity that is within it. Firstly we consider righteousness, moral integrity, self discipline and dutiful responsibility to others. Its implication is that we follow a life of goodness, constructive work, compassion and brotherhood.

It is also representative of a prescribed pattern that is like a blueprint within us, an outline for us to complete by our own efforts in this life and a future that is determined by remaining true to ourselves and our soul’s inner dictates.

So we can use the word to describe our commitment to the things in our life considered most worthy, to refer to our dutiful responsibilities, in honouring our spiritual motivation and life purpose and to fulfill our own highest capacity and potential and to become that person through following the universal benign law that over-rides human life.

So we are reminded by the ancient spiritual teaching to “Take refuge in the Law!”

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