Devas – Subtle Beings in Nature

The beliefs of all philosophers, now confirmed by science, acknowledge that all forms of varying grades of matter, from the gross material to the subtlest, are animated by natural energies and intelligence – from the most infinitesimal to the astronomical magnitudes of the cosmos.

If we would open our minds to the existence of an unseen order of spiritual intelligence in beings animating all nature and its forms, we would begin to know the life within the form, just as the astronomer or scientist aspires to seek an understanding of the universal intelligence and power that directs the cosmos.

Although using our own eyes, we may not be able to see stars that are millions of light years distant, nor have keenness of sight to observe tiny bacterial life at work, we trust in the technological means man has developed to demonstrate for us the reality of life forms that exist, but that are not yet capable of being perceived by the normal human faculties.

There are uniquely different individuals who have sighted ethereal ghosts, nature spirits, received visions of spiritual teachers and are familiar with the angelic beings who inhabit what is sometimes referred to as the ‘parallel world’ of subtle intelligences that exist in spheres that interpenetrate the material world we know.

Some clairvoyants can see energy radiation from flowers and observe the tiny intelligences we call fairies, elves, sprites and so on. Most cultures have traditional terms and language that describes them. Others using extended sight see sparks of energy generated by cats, or the astral forms of the deceased that we call the ghosts.

Clairvoyants with well developed psychic senses see the light and colours emanating from a living human being and with experience and training become skilled in interpreting the qualities and characteristics of an individual.

It may be that all forms have an indwelling life intelligence or soul. To be comfortable with this idea requires an imagination beyond the familiar observations of the material scientist.  However, it is the world of reality to the metaphysical scientist where soul and spirit represent higher and finer energies that are just as real as those observed in the material sense.

These invisible energy worlds are not new in human experience or cognition and in our historical reference, and artistic depictions. They survive in the substance and stories of traditional legend. Here, ghosts are accepted as the disembodied energies of a human intelligence; saints are depicted as radiating light or spiritual power; devils are depicted as malefic forms and influences of darkness. Angels are conceived as beings of light, colour and beneficence and in Asian lore are known as Devas.

Devas are our invisible companions. Until we can see them with our own eyes, we must rely upon our senses that tell us sometimes of an unseen presence. Sometimes this happens spontaneously but we can also extend our awareness of them deliberately. We can best do this in solitude or in nature but also in our own place of peace.

It can be that we feel conscious of a loved one who is not physically present, or feel that we are uplifted into a tranquil mood. If we are to become more aware of these benign angelic beings who exist to carry out the divinely directed natural processes. If we wish to know more about them, we need to open our consciousness to consider the possibility that we are not alone and that angelic beings are always with us.

All material forms are ensouled by natural intelligences, from mineral life, plant life, animal and human that we are all capable of sensing but rarely privileged to see.

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