Many of us ask, in the light of the current world chaos that exists within individual, social and global relationships – ‘where have we gone wrong as a people?’ and more importantly we follow it with ‘what can we do about it?’
Most of us are acutely aware of feeling distanced from great Nature in our materialistic modern world. It is clear enough that human culture once remembered and looked with reverence to Nature as the source of Creative Life but now neglects to accept it as a greater power within which humans live and demonstrate their wondrous material skills and mastery of a range of technologies.
In spite of these skills, a dedicated surgeon for instance, is still inclined to pray for higher assistance in performing his part before allowing Nature’s healing processes to function in their profound and mysterious healing ways that defy analysis by human reason. In spite of knowledge in chemistry, botany and organic sciences there is no human who can recreate the magic form and functions of a simple leaf or create the beauty of a perfumed rose. There are many aims that challenge human intelligence and skills and rekindle humility in the light of the wonders of Nature.
We become less as a people, if working without a conscious integration and awareness of forces greater than ourselves and upon which our lives are totally dependent.
Many attempts by visionaries have sought to persuade us to ‘return to Nature’ over the last couple of centuries of our times. Awareness has now increased to awaken us all to the scale of human desecration of natural life that has been and is still perpetrated. In this, we have been passive if not actively participating members of society.
It is also becoming clear across the whole world and its people that urgent and effective action is needed. We have failed to act earlier and any correction now will likely not be enough.Yet still let us look to the origins of each issue of our wrongdoing. We must look to the source of each cause of pollution, damage, or disease that involves interference with the natural balance of Nature and its laws.
Once identified it must be that cessation of the root cause is exacted. For example, to allow continued manufacture of lethal toxic substances that are proven a danger instead of being banned is not the answer as in the case of tobacco. Here the right of customers to freely purchase toxins is considered a democratic right that for political reasons is considered a greater ‘right’ than the responsibility to protect the public.
No longer do we look to more discussion, more sub-committees, or displays of ineffective management but we call for leadership and strong decisions and strong actions from government. Without this we are lost. We need statesmen and women not politicians. We need common sense. We need dedication to save our country. We need co-operation within and without all nations. We need to know our world is safe.
The issues we must deal with are many. What we achieve on one issue may be replicated in the next if our attitudes and judgements are intelligently applied now and our love and respect for great Nature is rekindled so that we can be allied and not alien.

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