Spiritual aspiration as I understand it, is synonymous with a desire for Goodness – an inherent desire to be good, to become attuned to all Goodness. Goodness is naturally allied to Beauty – and to a desire to be beautiful or to create beauty. When we become attuned to universal Beauty it is best represented as Light and a desire to radiate light and truth.  To become attuned to Universal Truth would allow us to become capable of radiating that sum total of the energies and qualities of Goodness, Beauty, Light and Truth in some measure -for the benefit of Life itself.

Spirituality can be conceived as the light of one’s whole intelligence that we seek to fan to its fullness, whether through internal intensity of aspiration or by contact with the great energy Source of Light Itself.

Since they proved capable of questioning the human soul and its origins and seeking for answers in regard to the Creator,  people have wished for understanding and illumination.  Fortunately the path towards illumination has been successfully trodden and realized by the few who have achieved this and encourage us. Beyond physical energy and emotional capacity, we find it possible to increase our inherent mental and spiritual powers and talents.

As all life evolves, so the human spirit evolves also to be expressed through a shining intelligence and radiant goodness and loving kindness. Conscious evolution can be accelerated however, but the use of our conscious will and clear focus of our mental and emotional energies.

If the human journey towards this spiritual goal through thousands of lifetimes of experience of the immortal soul,  results in us developing an extended ‘wiring’ of brain and intelligence for our better transmission t light and life,  then there seems to be a long term existence of the soul for the purpose of fulfilling human searching, discoveries and strivings.

In good physical health the nervous system is likely to be free of obstructions and capable of channelling greater light energy than when the subject is in a poor state of stamina and vitality.

Abundant energy usually indicates a surplus of physical, emotional, and mental vitality that overflows in creative outpourings of various kinds.

Balancing action with periods of calm in meditation allows us opportunity for personal psychic experiences of the spiritual spheres. A state of quiet receptivity in consciousness facilitates spiritual perception and reality.

It is not likely that subtleties will be invited in the flurry of physical or emotional activity.  Nor is the mind likely to convey such a soft whisper of intuition at a time when the intellect is preoccupied either with mundane or complex intellectual problems.

So the discipline required for us to be free to explore the spiritual experience begins with that of Stillness.  When the body learns to be relaxed, the emotions calm and the mind still and clear – then the journey can begin.

To pass all that one receives in Light, goodness, Love and beauty, Power of Understanding, back to Life  through giving  – this could be seen as Spirituality.

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