Children and Yoga

Yoga teachers who specialize in adapting the philosophy and practices of the yogic teachings apply a balanced method of education with its foundation in ancient wisdom and with its techniques and application adapted to embrace modern health practices.

Parents benefit in several ways by having children disciplined through Yoga classes that encourage learning and application of sound, balanced knowledge and health education that complements their schooling. Well disciplined children become more amenable and co-operative as they benefit from clear guidelines. Parents benefit also as children improve in behaviour, politeness and respect that allows more productive and satisfying relationships with all members of the family.

The ideal situation is that parents are students of Yoga themselves and therefore support the teachings in the home.  Otherwise the simple principles discussed in classwork are like seed ideas which may sprout and grow in the child’s awareness in time, regardless of the degree of parental example or encouragement.

However, it is important that the Yoga teacher relates to parents. There must be a mutual line of communication so that the teacher can reinforce the ideas and support the methods used by the parents just as parents must agree with or be free to discuss the ideas introduced by the Yoga teacher.

With careful guidance, infants from as young as 3 years of age benefit from interesting and well balanced Yoga classwork. Teachings that introduce physical exercises result in growing self confidence as well as constructive ideas about the aim for total health of mind and body. These ideas will be nurtured should the child choose to cultivate them, to provide a simple spiritual direction to their lives based upon universal principles.


Relaxation  in Savasana

Relaxation in Savasana

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