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Sunday, March 31st, 2013


The seven stages of yoga practice or the seven stages or limbs of Patanjali’s system of training if practised as regularly as the scales of music for one who wishes to be a musician – will bring the rewards of Samadhi to the yogi.

The personality is involved in all aspects of the traditional seven stages. The eighth however, is bestowed, in the mysterious quality of Grace that comes when other factors are at the appropriate stage of preparedness. Samadhi cannot be ‘attained’ by the direct use of the Will. It comes when the soul has created the right climate for the experience that is perhaps the greatest height in human consciousness, with the simplest message yet most profound impact upon our lives.

By the natural law that requires self effort, we all must put into practice the disciplines of self improvement that are universally recognized yet require our personal will and focus. We gradually grow and change through our choices regarding exercises of qualities needed and bad habits to restrain as well as through the challenges we face in external circumstances.

Remaining faithful to our ideals and our perception of ultimate perfection , it is possible to keep a balance between spiritual and practical life, particularly if we take the time to identify in our meditations the few most intense symbols and qualities that we would wave as our invisible ‘standard’ and constant reference.

Life to maturity would seem to us to be an ever increasing complexity that if we allow it, may confuse us.

Our wisdom as we age directs us towards a growing sense of unity and simplicity as we discover the true, magical life melodies for ourselves.


Friday, March 29th, 2013

There are many and sometimes confusing thoughts and impressions gleaned from the multitudinous sources of information we have available today.
But there is little misunderstanding of what constitutes a materialistic person, focussed upon values associated with worldly life and satisfaction and who strives to accumulate wealth and goods.
Those we consider are emotional people display a wealth of feelings with easy expressions of both positive and /or negative emotions, but who value human relationships and affection from others as their idea of wealth above material circumstances.
Intellectual or ‘thinking’ people obviously develop a wealth of ideas, thoughts, philosophies and depend upon an exchange of ideas to seek learning of all kinds in order to accumulate a wealth of knowledge for harnessing to their ambitions.
In relation to the concept of spirituality and what constitutes a person who is often referred to as ‘spiritual’, it is subtler. It is rather a quality that indicates commitment beyond any religious observances, to the universal virtues imbued in the spiritual wisdom of the ages; a wisdom that leads towards self excellence and self responsibility and an inherent desire to seek an avenue to be of service to humanity.
We will see a little of ourselves in all the above, but fewer will relate to the spiritual and abstract than the more down to earth appreciation of the ‘practicalities’ expressed in the more material personality.
However, there is the important matter of energy and its different avenues and uses. How we generate energy, how we waste it, how we choose to direct and utilize it determines our growth through the self will and self determination that is our common birthright.
To contemplate the extremes between the practical materialistic person to whom his ego is important, and the spiritual, caring person who aspires to selflessness gives us a perspective in furthering our awareness on this matter.
However, the essential element we must agree exists in the ‘spiritual human being’ is that they inspire and vitalize us or by their example, encourage us towards further effort towards our own growth.

Solitude Nourishes the Soul

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

In seeking solitude we undertake to follow a conscious or unconscious desire to relate more directly to Nature itself, or the Universal life beyond our own human nature and personality that we know so well and the complexity of our relationship with others.

Sometimes to be alone is needed for a time when we get tired of that same old personality when we can for a time forget who and what we are and just experience the simple experience of just being alive – in the beautiful, wider and wonderful world of nature itself. We all cherish the times when we have know that state us just ‘being’ and no longer thinking or feeling – just being.

These are the times however, that support us throughout the many pains and problems we have to fact in life as we remember how safe we are in the comfort of the greater life around us. We can let go the pettiness, the problems, and rediscover the seemingly limitless life energies that teem in every atom and every living thing. We learn to ‘let go’ and in letting go the tangles we become renewed and revitalized in a new and increasing awareness of our identification with the universal things and values instead of particulars. As we expand we feel better, bigger, more powerful, more integrated and whole, we feel safe, we feel appreciative and blessed with the gift of our life, we find our heart refreshed and loving, more loving and feel loved. These are the many experiences shared by those who know solitude and its pleasures.

But we must feel ready to be alone. Some of us are nervous even in brief periods of solitude.
Some feel lonely in their aloneness, particular when having known the pleasure of shared life journeying and company. Some never lose the yearning for this type of fulfilment in sharing
and some of us yearn for a fulfilment we have never found in spite of our desire.

Others happily choose to travel alone in their vital adventurous push towards their goal and the distant summit.

Beyond times of shared companionship and experiences along the way, there are the beautiful and rare companions with whom we may wish to stop to rest or enjoy a time with those to whom we feel attuned. More wonderful is to discover en route one’s soul mate with whom a deeper and enduring relationship is established to make happier journeying through the ups and downs of life circumstances as well as the mutual exchange and richness of soul which comes from sharing.

Some travellers linger to study and observe nature around them. Others are sympathetic to those in need and interrupt their journey in order to encourage others or to assist or to heal those who are suffering.

Inevitably no matter our chosen style of travel, we retain our singular identity, regardless of our close companions, as we began, so we arrive at our eventual destination, alone.



Monday, February 18th, 2013

The basic premise in spiritual philosophy is that All Nature is One great Wholeness – the entirety of the Cosmos, so vast yet allowing life to express itself through all forms so infinitely small as to be invisible to us – and through the vast galaxies, constellations and heavens that stretch without end.

Inherent is each of us is the spiritual desire to know this Intelligence, this Power, this Presence and techniques and spiritual disciplines are designed to assist us towards both intellectual realization as well as psychic experiencing its Reality.

Only those who can conceive of the Oneness of life, named differently to indicate the Absolute, the Creator, the Supreme, the Cosmos or God, can inspire others. Some hold the religious belief that to give name to the Creator is demeaning and allow many names to identify particulars but reserve silence for the Supreme Being – That which pervades all life and all of us.

It seems that only those who have experienced the reality of the Great Intelligence and Power behind all life can convey to others what they have felt, seen, known or realised. Ultimately, their experience can only be satisfactorily communicated by their quality as a human being. In truth many who have experienced Universal Consciousness do not try to speak of it but cherish it deep within their souls.

We find our own way to conceive of the reality of the Universal Oneness and for many the exercise is overwhelming. However we have recourse to rest back into the great visual natural world around us and will easily find our appreciation and our sense of wonderment develop and expand as we observe and find affection for living things, whether they be mineral, vegetable , animal or our own species.

To some people this affection for natural life is sufficient. For others their beings yearn to journey as did the astronauts into more rarefied worlds and atmospheres.

Others of us see life as a never ending quest. As the law has been stated, that what we seek we will find, it is reasonable to try to apply the expectation to our own search. But the problem may be that we have no concept of what it is that we seeking and so deny ourselves the reward of recognition.

If we should choose to seek to known Nature’s secrets and understand Universality we can do no better than to listen to those who have seen, felt, believed, or experienced what are the great truths of Life. Many may choose to elaborate, but without question, all who have known the ultimate share an answer that may appears too simple for others to grasp, that is the truth that All Life is One.


Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Spiritual aspiration as I understand it, is synonymous with a desire for Goodness – an inherent desire to be good, to become attuned to all Goodness. Goodness is naturally allied to Beauty – and to a desire to be beautiful or to create beauty. When we become attuned to universal Beauty it is best represented as Light and a desire to radiate light and truth.  To become attuned to Universal Truth would allow us to become capable of radiating that sum total of the energies and qualities of Goodness, Beauty, Light and Truth in some measure -for the benefit of Life itself.

Spirituality can be conceived as the light of one’s whole intelligence that we seek to fan to its fullness, whether through internal intensity of aspiration or by contact with the great energy Source of Light Itself.

Since they proved capable of questioning the human soul and its origins and seeking for answers in regard to the Creator,  people have wished for understanding and illumination.  Fortunately the path towards illumination has been successfully trodden and realized by the few who have achieved this and encourage us. Beyond physical energy and emotional capacity, we find it possible to increase our inherent mental and spiritual powers and talents.

As all life evolves, so the human spirit evolves also to be expressed through a shining intelligence and radiant goodness and loving kindness. Conscious evolution can be accelerated however, but the use of our conscious will and clear focus of our mental and emotional energies.

If the human journey towards this spiritual goal through thousands of lifetimes of experience of the immortal soul,  results in us developing an extended ‘wiring’ of brain and intelligence for our better transmission t light and life,  then there seems to be a long term existence of the soul for the purpose of fulfilling human searching, discoveries and strivings.

In good physical health the nervous system is likely to be free of obstructions and capable of channelling greater light energy than when the subject is in a poor state of stamina and vitality.

Abundant energy usually indicates a surplus of physical, emotional, and mental vitality that overflows in creative outpourings of various kinds.

Balancing action with periods of calm in meditation allows us opportunity for personal psychic experiences of the spiritual spheres. A state of quiet receptivity in consciousness facilitates spiritual perception and reality.

It is not likely that subtleties will be invited in the flurry of physical or emotional activity.  Nor is the mind likely to convey such a soft whisper of intuition at a time when the intellect is preoccupied either with mundane or complex intellectual problems.

So the discipline required for us to be free to explore the spiritual experience begins with that of Stillness.  When the body learns to be relaxed, the emotions calm and the mind still and clear – then the journey can begin.

To pass all that one receives in Light, goodness, Love and beauty, Power of Understanding, back to Life  through giving  – this could be seen as Spirituality.

Imagining Christmas

Monday, December 19th, 2011

There’s a world deep inside us

As a gentle kindly dream

Where Love is ever present

And beauty is always seen


It’s the spirit of Christmas

When remembered all the year

That brings joy, peace and laughter

Of life’s music to our ear


So Christmas is inside us

An expanding, growing dream

Of love forever present

And beauty everywhere seen


Echo of Christ within us

Outwardly seeking new birth

As human beings perfect

Creating a heaven on earth.


God – The Simple Path of Love

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

All those inclined to believe in God as Love come to experience expansions of their heart’s growth and personal capacity to love, rather than allowing a contraction of feeling.

But as we know, love is a very real primal emotional force and feeling that  has to be cultivated and directed into the various avenues of personal life as we see is appropriate, as well as existing as a general state or attitude.


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Practical Sadhana

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The aspirant undertakes certain self disciplines when following the spiritual path of Yoga. These are essential for everyone who wishes to apply themselves to the art of living with spiritual values replacing the material ones that dominate at present.

Classical yogic disciplines have remained unchanged for centuries. Although they can be adopted and also adapted by people of any culture or religion, the fundamental principles do not alter. Many aspects are incorporated in the lives of people of every nation and culture.


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For the Spiritual Aspirant

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

If we undertake personal self discipline for the purpose of allowing better and clearer reflection of our higher of nobler self it demands a degree of self analysis as a starting point. It will help us to comprehend the character of the ‘clay’ that we seek to mould and re-shape to our design.

So we need to acknowledge our present personality.


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Prayer is Universal

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Whether we seek for relief from pain and suffering, or for courage to melt our fears, or for enlightenment and understanding, or look towards a recipient for our aspiration and devotion, we turn to prayer.

Although it is generally formulated in religious observances and rituals, it is something that arises in us spontaneously from our hearts and most intensely when we feel the need for a power we cannot generate ourselves when seeking to relieve the pain of another.


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