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Fresh Fruits Delight – D-F

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

DABAI Canarium odontophyllum from Sarawak, Borneo is a fruit that is best prepared before eating by soaking in warm water until it becomes softer before seasoning it with soy sauce. The yellowish flesh is creamy.

DAMSON PLUM, SATIN LEAF Chrysophyllum oliviforme  small plum like fruits with blue black skins with bloom. The flavour is strong and tart. Grows wild in hedgerows and also commercially availableas it is popularly used as a stewed fruit and as ‘damson cheese’ or wine in England and Europe.


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Fresh Fruit Delights – ABC

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Of the hundreds of varieties chosen as a food source, it must be said that one of the most attractive, as well as nourishing, is fresh fruit. Many of us may have our choice restricted to local fruits in season but we will naturally yearn to taste some of the other fresh fruit delights of the world.

The following is an ABC listing of some of the fruit varieties on offer in markets of the various countries of the world.


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What Persuades Us To Be Vegetarian?

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Yoga students are confronted with a traditional method of nutrition directly associated with the classical philosophy and with the health practices of Hatha Yoga.

These must be considered and a personal decision made as to whether you will include the natural diet provided in the main by fruits, vegetables, nuts and grain or abstain from meat eating for health reasons, or for philosophic reasons. Usually a decision is necessary, if not immediately, then later, if you seriously wish to study and apply all that the age-old wisdom offers through the Vedic and Yogic teachings.


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Favourite Flower Food

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

If you are just beginning to consider flowers in your food and extending your interest, you will feel most confident in using the well known traditional ones. However there is quite an explosion of interest in flowers in modern cuisine and you will be assured that the list of suitable flowers will grow as science confirms their safe use in your kitchen.

Flowers are often presented whole in garnishing for their colour and aesthetic pleasure but if they are served to be eaten, great care must be made in their quality and preparation to minimize any of the bitter parts of the flower. Buying flowers are only safe for eating if they are guaranteed to be grown organically for obvious reasons. The safest way is to use them straight from your own garden where no sprays or chemical residues will threaten the quality and flavor of the blooms.


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The Yogi’s Diet – Follows Natural Nutrition

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

When viewed from a materialistic standpoint it would seem that substance is our first need in the form of food. Viewed from the spiritual, the first requisites would be the subtler forms of nourishment gained by breathing fresh air, bathing in sunshine, and drinking pure water. The priorities alter with one’s perception but certainly the argument that food is top priority is flawed when we can exist in good health for weeks without food, only days without water, only minutes without air. However, although it may reasonably lose its place as top priority, nourishment through food is certainly top of the list for many of us and assumes a very important part of daily life and often daily indulgences.

The yogi chooses food which is fresh and natural as he sees the natural product is his measure of quality. He judges for himself the degree of prana which foods contain, calling the most vital of them the sattwic, or highest grade food. Consequently he is vegetarian in his eating habits. Manufactured commercial foods are avoided as much as possible as most of them contain little life or prana – and seen as dead food by comparison with vital fresh foods. In addition, commercial foods often contain chemical additives and stimulants and this classes them as tamasic or rajasic foods. Commercial and carbonated soft drinks, coca cola and others, along with alcoholic drinks are either avoided altogether, as in the diet of children, or very limited in their consumption.


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