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Nature of the Bhutas – the natural elements

Friday, January 31st, 2014

In Hindu philosophy the accent is upon Unity of all life. This is perceived as the ultimate Reality. All differentiated forms and lives, energies and actions are within this universal Consciousness and exist because of a spark of the divine that is inherent and connects each to the great Life Source.
Each individual life is animated by the 5 Bhutas or types of energy that we know as Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Akasha or Ether. It is the study and final understanding and amalgamation of these differing energies that allows us to aspire to come to a degree of comprehension of the divine – that Allness or totality we call God.
The basic concept of the Bhutas is patterned by understanding Earth (Prithvi, Kubera) as matter, or the physical world; Water (Varuna, Jalam) as liquidity, or the emotional world; Air (Vayu) as the all permeating nature of thought in the mental world; Fire (Agni) as the energy of spirit and aspiration; Ether (Akasha) as the mysterious quality of space or Love that unifies and harmonizes all things and processes in the universe.
Although these elements are recognized and named differently in most philosophies as well as in modern science, their properties are agreed upon as the fundamental energies and agencies of great Nature and the building blocks of what we know of life immediately around us and perhaps beyond into the far reaches of the Cosmos.
In ancient Western philosophy seeking to discover the truths of spiritual life that would explain the nature and method of evolution of the soul rather than the body of man the natural elements played a vital part. The exercise in study of the 5 elements was seen as the ABC that led the student towards understanding and control of first his body, then emotions, mind before venturing into the secrets of his own soul and finally to the spiritual truths that govern human consciousness. This is the path familiar to all who seek to advance in conscious evolution of their individual life.
We are best to begin by taking a fresh attitude in observing how nature uses these elements in the natural world and in observing the qualities and results of the activities of each element using our senses and thought appropriately.
The language of the Elements is a constant one using qualities and even symbolism to give distinction to things of the material world (Earth) and the subtler spheres of the emotions and mind and the strange and elusive energies that inspire our souls. Meditation upon each of the natural elements in turn promises a reward in greater sensitivity, increased awareness, fresh realization and profound spiritual experience.

NATURE – Visible garment of God

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

The invisible Intelligence of Nature itself is Universal Consciousness – a greatness we struggle to understand in magnitude, in design and in its Purpose.
We feel very much the same, but on a small scale, in our efforts to understand computers and the abilities of those who intelligently create them.
We are fortunate that the visible Intelligence of the Creator is available and perceptible in the physical world around us through the natural kingdoms of life – mineral , vegetable, insects, birds, fish, animals and human should we seek to explore. As we observe and find more understanding of life forms of nature, we cannot help but discover the wonders of the Great Intelligence that created and established such miracles and perfection of form.
In appreciation of nature’s structures we discover the life within those forms and begin to realise the intelligence that determines its behaviour and its habitation. We observe that when the life is withdrawn, the form dies. That creature, plant or human being returns to the invisible realms, into its mysterious life source and its relationship with the visible material world seemingly comes to an end.
In the invisible streams of our human feelings and emotions, our thoughts and our memories however the soul lives on. This is true of any living creature in any natural kingdom. It is the miracle we all know when we have lost a especially devoted dog or pet, friend, child or loved one, can remain with us in our own minds and awareness, sometimes even stronger than when the form was with us.
The invisible energies of life exist as the spiritual and eternal reality. Visible material forms do not endure as we know our own body will die when our consciousness passes into the mysterious Greatness we know as the Allness or God.
So whilst we are here in our bodies of form, we are free to enjoy and learn about all the wonders of visible natural life, all the kingdoms of intelligences small and great, and in appreciation, in wonderment or in worship, observe the natural world as the visible outer garment of God and in doing so feel that we are a part of That.

Rebel Against Nature – and we suffer

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

What is natural serves as a reasonable guide to what is right. If we continue to try to turn our reasoning upside down or seek to challenge the great fundamental laws of Nature, we are in for a shock or two.
When our leaders choose to take us in a direction that we know is wrong, we as the people must assert ourselves. We have the freedom to deny their further poor government that is inclined to use bullying tactics to initiate laws that would be an affront to our freedom when they touch on traditional moral and religious issues.
When and where have governments had the power to challenge Nature and legislate in a way that declares that what the people know as wrong, has become right? ….only in countries where dictators rule. There is no place for this in a democracy. As long as individual thought has not been entirely destroyed the people in their values will gravitate towards what is natural, and therefore get back on track towards a genuine and wiser path to human advancement.
For instance, should we regress, by mistakenly accepting homosexual behaviour we will find it is a likely precursor to our doom as a people. This has been proven in previous civilizations where the male and females no longer recognize nature’s purpose as the vital key.
Should we continue to neglect or reject the responsibilities and the qualities of our birth sex and seek co-operative expression in normal blending of men and women in partnership, we are distorting the creative and proper use of sexual energy polarity by directing vitality into sterile or perverted channels.
The concept of sex as a fine and beautiful means of channelling another human being into the world has been damaged almost beyond repair.
The beauty and comfort of family life no longer exists to provide security and peace. There are few homes where a disciplined pattern and order of refinement is not longer possible because of the intrusion of outside pollutants of thought and behaviour.
If we would wish to intelligently correct our mistakes and rebuild our culture on a firm foundation there is little time for women, the gentle sex, to strive to become women again as and men regain true strength of heroic manhood.

Relationship with Nature

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Understanding nature is to expand our understanding of the Creator. Its infinite variety in form, colour, quality and expression leaves us in perpetual wonderment.

Philosophers recognize the invisible Supreme Spirit or Universal Consciousness and Its outer expression in the visible material world of Nature are One.

Natural life on our Earth offers us a visible comprehension of the limitless wonders of the Cosmos. It reminds us that in the face of this immensity we have benefit of the natural world around us and bear a responsibility as custodians to help maintain it.  This is not hard to accept if we love Nature or aspects of it and seek to improve our efforts to widen our embrace of the entire natural world.

We need to keep mindful of our limited capacity to contribute to Nature itself and yet retain our sense of personal power and confidence that we can live within the human realm and contribute to the wealth and wonder of human culture and achievement.

There are many amongst us who recognize and appreciate the Natural world around us and are aware of the natural laws that function and imbue all life as we know it on our planet.

To the extent that we refer to these laws and seek to live by them we gradually grow in comprehension of the truths and realities of great Nature itself.

Nature is our eternal guide and teacher and we are in our role as its students. When in doubt we can apply the litmus test by asking ourselves as to what is natural. Whereas other creatures react to instinct alone, humans possess intuition or the voice of free will and choice complicates matters for us. We must learn to blend instinct and intuition in our choices.

To choose to rebel against Nature and challenge the known natural Laws leads to chaos.

To choose to apply natural Law to our lives leads to harmony and order.

Our relationship with Nature, as our relationship with all things, with people and with God, is based upon the consciousness that Love as the vital ingredient.

As we feel our direct relationship with Nature develop so our sense of spiritual security grows and we can expect human stresses to melt away to know peace in our hearts and minds.

Humanity Progresses

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

When individuals apply self discipline then it is possible to further the advancement of our race as a whole, albeit droplet by droplet, we can expect humanity’s progress.

Should we as a group in society, or a group of nations or greater still, contribute a unity of effort come from a small or larger group the result is magnified.


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Life After Life After…

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

What a wonderful thought that our soul is immortal and embarks upon a new chapter and learning curve with each successive human lifetime!

There are many who intuitively feel that subsequent human births will follow this one. Others cannot consider the idea of ‘having to return’ to endure all they have had to this life and totally reject the idea of recycled souls as unfortunately the opportunity for fresh and brighter experiences.


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The Need to Love Nature

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Yoga teachings are based upon natural laws that have been respected and reflected in human health and behavior over centuries of practical endeavour in what is known as Karma Yoga.

Other facets of the teaching, namely Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga are more philosophical and attract scholars who love wisdom and learning of a type that helps them understand the more abstract spheres beyond the material.


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