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Hatha Yoga Hygiene Kriyas

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Although suffering some neglect and receiving less attention in some western health systems, hygiene nevertheless is the basic discipline in order to experience health and remain free of  disease. Inadequate attention to hygiene in the community and particularly in hospitals is causing some concern.

Hatha yoga practices include attention to internal cleansing as well as external hygiene.

Students of yoga are instructed from a young age to be aware of the need for cleanliness and with the co-operation of parents, some additional methods can be added to current home practices.


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Yoga for Children

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

The philosophy and practices of classical Yoga are for application by adults and it can be anticipated that parents will naturally transmit appropriate information to their children. In spite of disciplinary measures in education being at present unpopular in western countries, self discipline and self confidence nevertheless go hand in hand. Children must not be deprived of the benefits derived from early training whether the disciplinary measures relate to physical training or to character. It is well evidenced that discipline demanded from any teacher provides the initial basis for the student’s subsequent self discipline.

Young Yoga students tend towards advanced intellectual development and a surprising number of them have become aware of spiritual life through their direct experiences of the power of love and goodness and the early awakening of their own intuition. All are encouraged to live a life of high ethical and moral standards.


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