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The Bhakti’s Love

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Love exists as a spark of the Divine Conductor of Life that commands the heart to beat.

Love and Life are synonymous in one who seeks to shine soft and warm whilst radiating energy and well being to all.

Having known how the mind can lead one astray the Bhakti knows and has faith to trust the heart.


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Bhakti Yoga Expression

Friday, December 11th, 2009

There are many ways we express our emotional nature and particularly our devotional capacity to give our deeper feelings – whether to another person, to our work, to a cause for others or through an artform.

One avenue that is personally satisfying and also can give pleasure to onlookers, is the art of sacred dance that has had a long tradition through human civilization and has been associated with the sacred spiritual rites and culture within the protection of the temple structure of the priesthood.


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Bhakti Yoga

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

The Bhakti approaches spirituality along what is sometimes seen as the simplest path but which, in effect, is one of the most difficult. It requires selfless love and a devotional attitude that is sufficient to overcome all life’s obstacles – the path that Jesus and other great teachers have indicated as ‘the Way.’

The Bhakti loves. He practises expanding that emotion from the limited and personal feelings of the heart, to the limitless expanses of universal love for all things. To such a person Love and God are synonymous. Not only does love become the most intense emotion, but love and loving kindness dictate his day- to- day activities, his moods, his goals, and provides the source of his inspiration.


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To Love Nature, To love Life, To love Everything!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Love is the cohesive and most central element in life. It is the most important factor in human life as it is in the invisible realms of the great Universe. Love is represented as the special love feeling born in the human heart. It is known as the law of attraction and of unification and can be observed in the order and design that patterns the Universe.

To the yogi, love is the ethereal but powerful fifth element. To the Bhakti yogi it motivates everything in his life as he attempts to express it in everything that is undertaken. It is exemplified in the love and devotion that permeates his lifestyle.


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