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Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The richer and wider your embrace and love for life, all that you love will belong to you.
This is the inspiration of the Bhakti – to grow in emotional capacity to love the whole world, in an embrace that does not alter or falter. It is thought this brings a human being closer in consciousness to the Mighty Reality of the Great Creator of the created Universe.
The sacred teachings of the ancient wisdom make us aware that our hearts must stretch and expand in flexibility as far as we find possible.
Our hearts must also be strong and capable of contracting to focus in devotion or upon fulfilling specific tasks required in helping other beings.
Just as the muscles of our body disciplines aim at flexibility as well as strength, so we are guided to develop a strong and loving heart.
What we love we can relate to with open heart and mind, generous and unstinting in affection that will help us to greater understanding just as any adverse contractions of feelings of self alone, make us mean and tend to stunt our development as a humane being.
The passive and constant state of the heart should ideally reflect feelings of loving kindness that allow us to slip deeper to our core where the soul is anchored. There in the permanent atom of the heart is where we find limitless light, wisdom and truth enabling us to link to the source of being.
It could be seen that by experiencing sincere love we bear for life, for people, things, creatures, nature, our country and all facets of human existence will bring us closer to a state of Universal Consciousness that establishes a more direct link with our mysterious Maker.



Monday, May 9th, 2016

All that you love will belong to you …….the richer and wider your love for life …the richer you will come as you embrace the Whole world.
This is the inspiration of the Bhakti – to grow in emotional capacity to love the whole world, in an embrace that does not alter or falter but is closest a human being can become aware in consciousness of the Mighty Reality of the Creator.
The sacred teachings of the ancient wisdom make us aware that our hearts must stretch and expand as far as we find possible; our hearts must also be strong and capable of contracting to focus in devotion upon tasks or in helping other beings just as the muscles of our body preparations aim at flexibility and strength.
The passive and constant state of the heart should reflect feelings of loving kindness that allows us to slip deeper to our core where the soul is anchored in the permanent atom of the heart where we find limitless light, wisdom and truth of our source of being.
What one loves, one can relate to with open heart and mind, generous and unstinting in affection. And thereby we grow. We grow by expansion just as by adverse contraction in thoughts of ourselves alone will make us shrink in human qualities and make us mean.
Knowing and experiencing sincere love for life, for people, things, creatures, nature, our country throughout all facets of human existence brings us closer to the great Heart absolute.


Monday, December 15th, 2014

“Once on lying down on the sward, I first looked up at the sky, gazing for a long time till I could see deep into the azure and my eyes were full of the colour; then I turned my face to the grass and thyme, placing my hands at each side of my face so as to shut out everything and hide myself.

Having drunk deeply of the heaven above and felt the most glorious beauty of the day, and remembering the old, old sea, which (as it seemed to me) was but just yonder at the edge, I now became lost and absorbed into the being or existence of the universe. I felt down deep into the earth under, and high above into the sky and farther still to the sun and stars. Still farther beyond the stars into the hollow of space, and losing thus my separateness of being, came to seem like a part of the whole.

Then I whispered to the earth beneath, through the grass and thyme, down into the depth of its’ ear, and again up to the starry space hid behind the blue of day…….”

Richard Jefferies from “The Story of my Heart”

“The happiest man is he who learns from Nature the lesson of worship.”


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Understanding that Love is the ultimate enduring quality, it is this capacity to love that is the focus of the Bhakti as it is the focus of the emotions of all of us.

The one who has a great devotional component in his or her nature will naturally seek to develop what the spiritual student deliberately sets as a personal discipline –

to extend the heartfelt feelings of love and compassion …. from particulars to the universal …. to an ultimate love of life itself….

from friends and family to embrace all humanity …. teachers, leaders, saints…

from home and country to all the nations of the world ….

from garden, plants and flowers to all forests and wilderness of our Earth …

from love of knowledge and appreciation of personal life experiences to a greater understanding of those common to all of human nature

to love and aspire to goodness, truth, beauty, peace and noble qualities and expressions….

to love all Nature, all life and the Great Creator of the Allness that we perceive in the atom as we do in the cosmos and the heavens.

Love is limitless and the human heart claims a capacity to love in ever increasing emotional feelings that determine a healthy state of body, mind and soul as we seek to contemplate our life Source remembering to revere the wondrous worlds material and spiritual ‘in which we live and move and have our being…’ Holy Bible


Love Expanding

Friday, February 24th, 2012

We may think that we differ in our understanding of love. But love is a feeling in our hearts that is as true as life itself.

However, our exercise of our love, like the need to exercise our body, is often neglected and we tend to suffer from constriction of our natural feelings as we suffer with limitations of stiff joints and tendons.

It is suggested that just as the physical body needs strength and flexibility, so our heart requires the same ability to adjust and expand.

It is not so easy and nearly impossible to share the personal experiences that have built up the strength of our love. But it is simple enough to share a reminder of the common technique that motivates us all to deliberately stretch our natural affections so that we can expand and grow emotionally. This allows us to embrace a wider sphere of life with our hearts as well as our minds.

One basic exercise is most comfortable when seated in meditation or when lying quietly.

As often wisely reminded, we must apply the directive to ‘mind our own business’ and so we start with ourselves. Consideration of self affection is not meant in a derogatory sense.  Self respect and liking our own self provides us with a reasonable basis to gradually develop in time an unconditional state of universal love.

Sincere feeling of affection for our bodies, our personality and our deeper being puts us in touch with whole soul with a sense or realization of our soul as our best friend.

After a time it feels natural to stretch out beyond ourselves to we embrace those closest to us in our real feelings of affection – not dutiful or habitual feelings, but with our genuine feelings of love.

Relaxing thought, let our heart remind us of all those loved ones whose images flow through our consciousness. It is very likely that we begin with our own families, extending to others who have once been in our lives and to those who are still in our lives.  Our love for those who have already died can remain clear and real as before and often increases.

Sometimes we are reminded through our sense of gratitude and appreciation, of those who have nurtured or assisted us.

Sometimes affection flows through the constant regard we hold for certain authors and individuals who have been a positive influence upon our lives and our thinking.

Then there are those people to whom we feel soul attuned although not directly in physical contact.

Sometimes we go back in memory to our early life and sometimes are intensely focussed on the present.

We can gravitate to our natural admiration and respect for great and noble people who have lived, or devotion to others who evoke a higher spiritual response of devotion.

We continue to spontaneously extend our feelings rather than our thoughts and enjoy the sense of loving so many or so greatly.

Gradually it becomes easier and easier to expand our hearts to love the whole city, state, country, continent, until we embrace human life as a whole.  And sometimes we recognize that it feels easier to love the whole world impersonally, than to love a single individual. Whatever is a real or spontaneous experience in this exercise is yours and yours alone.

There are times of great difficulty when the heart is not receptive to the idea of expanding your affection to human beings. It is more attractive to be concerned with loving Nature. Then we must find the love that is uppermost in your personality in appreciating the many avenues of Nature’s expression.

Here the same principle applies. We commence with recognition of a sincere love for say, one tree before the flow of many types of trees passes and so we can feel love for all trees without distinction.  From our love for one animal our heart expands in our love for all animals;  from one blue sky to all skies; from one rock or gem to all gemstones; from a love of one natural Element (fire, earth, air, water or ether) to all the five natural elements; from one star to the cosmos.  There is no end to the limitations of our heart’s love until we experience it.


Do try this exercise.  You will find it interesting and will discover new facets in your concept of love – expanding from the minute to the magnificence of the universal.

God – The Simple Path of Love

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

All those inclined to believe in God as Love come to experience expansions of their heart’s growth and personal capacity to love, rather than allowing a contraction of feeling.

But as we know, love is a very real primal emotional force and feeling that  has to be cultivated and directed into the various avenues of personal life as we see is appropriate, as well as existing as a general state or attitude.


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Tagore – Soul of the Bhakti

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Rabindranath Tagore, the revered Indian Poet, was a Bhakti who writes of the Beloved as God in his ‘GITANJALI’  ………

” Life of my life, I shall ever try to keep my body pure, knowing that thy living touch is upon all my limbs.


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Meditation of the Bhakti

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Be still.

Pour your thought from the head down into the region of the heart.

From thinking love, begin to feel Love and radiate your Love – to things, creatures, to friends and to those in need and to Nature itself.  Love has no limits…

Having emptied our hearts in lovingness…again Be Still ….

To feel the incoming tide of Universal love drawn to replenish us!

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Prayer is Universal

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Whether we seek for relief from pain and suffering, or for courage to melt our fears, or for enlightenment and understanding, or look towards a recipient for our aspiration and devotion, we turn to prayer.

Although it is generally formulated in religious observances and rituals, it is something that arises in us spontaneously from our hearts and most intensely when we feel the need for a power we cannot generate ourselves when seeking to relieve the pain of another.


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Knowledge of Two Kinds – Heart and Mind

Friday, May 13th, 2011

It is not that we need more knowledge about the mind as much as finding how to construct a life- saving bridge from our minds to the knowledge deep in our hearts.

Stranded on the shores of knowledge of the intellect alone, we eventually find ourselves lonely and devoid of real life satisfaction and experience regardless of our accumulation of information.


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