Breath – Spirit Of Life

Everything that is alive draws in life energy and expresses it in a process corresponding to respiration. 

Our life begins at our birth with an inhalation and our life will end with our last exhalation.  From cradle to the grave our breathing function does not let us down except in times of respiratory malfunction or disease.  Throughout the whole period of our life-span the breath will continue without a pause, in its interminable rhythm keeping us supplied with oxygen, giving us life energy whether we are aware of the process.

The majority of these breaths we take unconsciously, with many being taken in the hours of sleep. But we expect that when we go to sleep, the breath will continue, and that when we awaken, the process will have been maintained through our sleep and naturally be resumed.
It is a potent reminder of the absolute faith that we place in nature every time we go to sleep. 

Respiration is so fundamental and dependable a physical process, that we are apt to take it for granted and overlook its importance, and the wonder of it. But specially, it is our breath that allows us to speak, to sing, to chant and to enjoy the gift of creative language allowing us to communicate our thoughts.

The yogis over many centuries of observation of human breathing have amassed valuable information about the breath in relation to all aspects of the human psyche with the aim to
employ this knowledge in the art of living.

Learning breath control produces physical results and psychological benefits beyond the most obvious one of maintaining the link between body and soul. Not only does conscious breathing increase body energy but deeper breathing, in particular, stimulates all our faculties and makes sharpens our spiritual awareness.

Remember, the greater capacity we have to breathe deeply, the more energy we will have – it is that simple.

Discover more about breath!  Your Yoga teacher will help you.

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