Being Still

It is sometimes necessary and also pleasant to refrain from activity and to be still.

Although we all have activities that must be attended to and most of us fill our days with these we also find pleasant relief in hobbies, crafts and sports that provide us with very different types of activity and entertainment.

However, constant and demanding or restless physical activity, if extreme, can be tiring. So it is in conscious relaxation practice or meditation when the body is still that there is time for restoring energy, as in sleep. It feels so good that we hardly need to be reminded of the need for physical stillness.

Emotional need for stillness is correspondingly important. There are times for emotional expression and interaction with others and times required to let the waters of our feeling nature come to rest.

When the physical body is still this becomes easier to enjoy a pleasant, restful mood.

To be able to establish mental stillness is the most difficult test for us and the struggles we become engaged in are well documented to demonstrate the various ways different people are able to come to some command over their own thoughts. This is the focus of the classical teachings of Patanjali’s Sutras and is the ultimate aim of the Raja Yogi.

It could be described as a battle or a yielding exercise. It certainly is one of subduing the passing thoughts to allow a higher awareness beyond the mind. For those who identify very closely with the mind it is not easy to surrender the mind ego but like most stages in our growing once we have ‘let go’ our thoughts the rewards come to us in higher awareness and states of consciousness. This is not easily described as either thoughts or feelings but best understood as states of pure Being.

In the natural laws as taught through Yoga we graduate to first learn to command the physical part of us, the emotional, then the mental nature until we are focussed more surely in our deeper nature of the soul.

It is during interludes between the many adventures of soul, mind, emotions and body that we are offered rare chances to experience spiritual consciousness. Supernal conscious awareness generally requires a harmonious state or degree of integration of the personality and reduction of all restless activity. In this state it is possible to hear the whisper of intuition, the echoes of nature’s wisdom of the ages and to welcome the guidance of those greater in human stature than our own.

Stillness is the key to greater health, more generous heart, clearer mind, happier soul and towards becoming a wiser human Being.

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