Beauty – The Best Spiritual Tonic

There is no better proof of the soul stimulus that is given to us than to watch someone enjoying something of beauty.

When reading a beautiful message or story we eagerly digest the silent melody of the words.

When an audience is entranced by a superb performance of visual art such as ballet, it is obvious in the whole atmosphere that becomes hushed.

Beautiful classical music can uplift the spirit almost quicker than anything else, if we are sensitive to sound and can surrender to its influence.

The beautiful form and perfume of a rose can transport us by its classical beauty to help us feel uplifted by an inhalation.

Whether we are eager for enjoyment of scent, sight or sound or appreciate our inner world of  thought and imagination as we read, we all crave to be nourished by beauty.

Creating a beautiful atmosphere, a beautiful home, or a beautiful world is a work of art and must be also a task of love.

Although nothing we create can rival Nature’s beauties, we seek inspiration from it and remember our beautiful experiences as we attempt to channel its beauty or even to replicate it.

But this vital nourishment for our soul and for our whole sense of well being is threatened by various influences in our modern lifestyle….such as  violence, ugliness, raucous noise, toxic smells, and lack of time given to beautiful creations. Beauty has also been rejected as an indicator of quality of life and if we are to be able to continue to be nourished by it, we must champion and encourage beauty in all things and to resist any attitude or trend that seeks to usurp its place by encouragement of discord and lack of grace in our culture.

Nature’s beauty gives silent pleasure



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