Ayurvedic Medicine

One of the finest explanations of the principles of Ayurvedic medicine principles was written by the late Dr Benytosh Bhattacharyya who was highly esteemed in both western and eastern

medical circles.  We owe much to his work in the material and subtle spheres of science.


HEALTH AND HARMONY – Eastern Medicine

“The word “harmony” is one of the noblest, most magnetic words in the English language. Harmony is the central principle of the cosmos.  It is order, it is concord, it is unity under definite and invariable laws, which bind all entities having a tendency to discord, disorder, disruption.  The highest harmony is in the music of the Spheres or in the cosmic sound represented by the sacred syllable OM.”

“In soul-stirring music and superb paintings, harmony is seen at its best.  Harmony is essential in society, amongst nations and in the world.  Harmony has discord as its antithesis just as the day has its antithesis in the night.  Harmony is beauty, discord is ugliness.  The expression of harmony is in the cosmos, of discord in chaos.  Harmony is pleasure of the soul and discord is pain. Causing pain is breaking harmony in all forms of life.  “Worship of the Divine in Nature” says an adage ” is to please a living being.” the world progresses through these two opposites of harmony and discord.  Apparent opposites exist in the world in order to meet ultimately in harmony.”

“In medicine, harmony is health, discord is disease. When the three elements of air, fire and water and their fifteen principles work in perfect harmony it is called health. But when they work inharmoniously and instead of helping one another begin to destroy one another, disease is produced.”

Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharyya

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