Aum – The Sacred Sound

One of the most important realizations in understanding a little more about the mysteries of life – lies in the value and importance of sound.

The sacred texts of all cultures include this factor, even to the point of suggesting that all natural creation is the result of Divine Sound as is given us in the Bible, the Vedic wisdom, and in fact is inherent in all of our present religions.

Whereas ‘Amen’ is the ritualistic recognition of cosmic energy or Divine life in the Christian prayer, so ‘Aum’ is the recognized traditional sound that represents the Allness that we call God.

In classical yogic and Asian tradition it is written as either ‘OM’ or ‘Aum’ but in the sounding of the mantra it is the 3 fold trinity of sound that is expressed. This involves the guttural, tongue, and finally the lips.

As with all mantra or sacred sound, it is as important to focus the mind upon the quality we aspire to as we use our voice to ‘tune us in’ to the power and energy of the universe.

It is therefore never to be sounded casually.

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