Arm Exercises and Breast Cancer

The aim is to increase movement and improve circulation to the breasts as a preventative means.

If you are suffering breast cancer check with your doctor before attempting these movements.

Limbering is the term that means applying a little gentle pressure and release in repetitive movements taking care not to strain. Once the movement of the muscles and joints becomes freer, more pressure can be applied, depending upon personal reaction.

Standing:  feet a little apart

Interlock the fingers of the hands the raise arms above the head, stretching and limbering the arms gently backward with the hands place palms upward if you find this is easy to do. By repeated limbering movements, push the hands still kept in the interlocked position, a little back and then forward, relaxing with the forward release. This is done repeatedly for say 10x stretches and then released. You will feel the stretch on underarm and breast area. This helps circulation to the breast tissue. Relax.

 Standing: feet a little apart

Interlock the fingers of the hands after taking both arms around behind your back and stretch by limbering movement pushing the arms slightly backwards and releasing in a series of movements.  This is usually found to be a very restricted movement so don’t push too hard.You will feel the stretch on underarm and breast area.

Standing with feet wide apart

Bend the Right knee and place your R hand on the R thigh for support.  Take the straight Left arm and swing in a circular fashion as far as is comfortable, first one way for 10 times and then circle in reverse. It is important to start gradually to test the freedom of movement to avoid any strain before increasing any speed of this exercise. Repeat on the other side, bending the Left thigh etc. It should be practised until you can swing the arm freely from the shoulder, in a windmill fashion, but with care and be sure to bend the leg to keep it out of the way!

Lying flat on the floor

Bend both arms to make vertical right angles from the floor and then in gentle repetitive movements limber the hands back to try to touch the floor while maintaining the right angled position. Work on this gradually until it becomes easy to get the hands to touch the floor and you will feel a stretch upon the chest and breast area.

These are basic exercises for prevention of breast problems and can be safely done at home. However even better results can be expected by complementing your exercise programme with other exercises under the supervision and direction of a teacher of Yoga.

Reminders:  There are many other health care matters involved if you wish to avoid breast cancer. Attention to a few simple changes may help you further, including natural health food diet, ceasing the use of suppressant anti-deodorants, being sure of a comfortable bra, and regular gentle self massage of underarms and breasts. Relaxation and meditation offer times of refreshment and revitalization.

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