The basic premise in spiritual philosophy is that All Nature is One great Wholeness – the entirety of the Cosmos, so vast yet allowing life to express itself through all forms so infinitely small as to be invisible to us – and through the vast galaxies, constellations and heavens that stretch without end.

Inherent is each of us is the spiritual desire to know this Intelligence, this Power, this Presence and techniques and spiritual disciplines are designed to assist us towards both intellectual realization as well as psychic experiencing its Reality.

Only those who can conceive of the Oneness of life, named differently to indicate the Absolute, the Creator, the Supreme, the Cosmos or God, can inspire others. Some hold the religious belief that to give name to the Creator is demeaning and allow many names to identify particulars but reserve silence for the Supreme Being – That which pervades all life and all of us.

It seems that only those who have experienced the reality of the Great Intelligence and Power behind all life can convey to others what they have felt, seen, known or realised. Ultimately, their experience can only be satisfactorily communicated by their quality as a human being. In truth many who have experienced Universal Consciousness do not try to speak of it but cherish it deep within their souls.

We find our own way to conceive of the reality of the Universal Oneness and for many the exercise is overwhelming. However we have recourse to rest back into the great visual natural world around us and will easily find our appreciation and our sense of wonderment develop and expand as we observe and find affection for living things, whether they be mineral, vegetable , animal or our own species.

To some people this affection for natural life is sufficient. For others their beings yearn to journey as did the astronauts into more rarefied worlds and atmospheres.

Others of us see life as a never ending quest. As the law has been stated, that what we seek we will find, it is reasonable to try to apply the expectation to our own search. But the problem may be that we have no concept of what it is that we seeking and so deny ourselves the reward of recognition.

If we should choose to seek to known Nature’s secrets and understand Universality we can do no better than to listen to those who have seen, felt, believed, or experienced what are the great truths of Life. Many may choose to elaborate, but without question, all who have known the ultimate share an answer that may appears too simple for others to grasp, that is the truth that All Life is One.

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