The first stipulation in the system of Yoga that introduces Yama/Niyama, the disciplines of restraint of wrongs and the cultivation of virtues, is to curb and eradicate violence. It is obvious that as long as there is a propensity for violence in any form, there is potential for negative or destructive energies and actions that can harm ourselves, others or other living creatures.
Students of Yoga will be familiar with the application of practising non-violence when dealing with physical practices, even extreme disciplines that require the reminder not to strain or force the body, but rather cajole it. Obviously we must cleanse ourselves psychologically also that we do not wish to harm or hurt others by our feelings or thoughts.
There is never a time in human history to our knowledge, that instead of successful work towards creation of peace and well-being amongst the people of Earth, we are surrounded by violence to an extraordinary and appalling extent. From increased homicides, domestic violence, sexual aberrations and rape, torture and abuses inflicted even upon children, we are contending with the knowledge that our society is in grave danger of total disintegration of our previous values and philosophies of kindness, wisdom and peace. Our freedoms are at risk.
Disintegration is occurring from inside our civilization and from deliberate effort to destroy it from unidentified individuals claiming ‘responsibility’ by group admission, These are groups that however, are not brought to suffer from their admitted evils but have proven to be free as residents in countries other than their own, countries believing themselves to be humane by offering them refuge. That the compassionate suffer as victims of their kindness is far from acceptable and we know that countries are having at last to take a stance to defend the innocent from the traitors in their midst.
That these people are terrorists because of a desire to bully everyone else into ‘believing’ their own religion is a wake-up call that few in the democratic countries have come to realise, but too late, for what it is and responded in the way cowards do by not facing up to issues – in this case, having been persuaded that we must not ‘offend’ Muslims and those of these aggressive religious beliefs. Such an attitude is not applied to Christians, or Buddhists or any other religion and the argument does not comply with reasonable thought.
We must observe the insanity that rules violence and seek to curb it by healthy thought and reasonable methods.
Most of us are not placed in powerful positions enough to ‘do something’ about the traitors masquerading as refugees, or the fact that our nation and others have demonstrated generous harbourage to others at the cost of their own coffers. But we can each mind our own business and be sure that we study to understand all the implications of Ahimsa practised in our own lives and in our circle of society.
Our freedoms are at risk.

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