About Our Emotions

We are referring to the emotional states of feeling contentment, happiness, joy, pain, suffering, sympathy, kindness, anger, envy, jealousy, compassion, irritation, fear, faith, anxiety, hatred, love, yearning, desire, pride, and many others in our emotional range. We all find the seeds of every possible human emotion inherent in our nature. It is a case of what emotions we have chosen to cultivate as to their expression in our personality.

There are less attractive or basic emotions that must be pulled out like we do weeds in the garden. Others that are more attractive, and help us to feel good inside take more careful nurturing but the rewards are obvious. As each of us makes different choices in selection and in methods of cultivation, our emotional nature develops accordingly. We have emotional energies that are uniquely available for our expression according to our character and purposes.

The composite ingredients make up our emotional recipe or pattern that is essentially our own and separates us from other emotional bodies of people around us. The various ingredients may be blended in a harmonious, stable and positively polarized personality or can be thrown together in a recipe which results in a chaotic and violent emotional composition. This is determined by the many factors including past experiences, age, culture, self image, self determination, free will, and how much we aspire towards self control, fulfillment of our ideals and vision of our ultimate purpose.

Untrained emotions are usually a hotch potch of feelings resulting from one’s life feeling experiences without having had any sorting or cleansing to eliminate the negative which usually predominate. That is, until the person grows discomforted to be always in anger, depression, fear or other unpleasant emotional states – and uses his will to alter his mood.

One of the keys is to make a practice of curbing our instant emotional reactions and to consciously elect to become free of outside people and things that trigger our negative responses. The individual who consciously feeds on violence and ugliness, on horror and degraded emotions will develop an emotional body accordingly and will in turn seek to express these violent emotions. Just so the person who chooses to nourish himself on beauty and harmony, on love and idealism will develop emotions which are more ordered and refined. It is a matter of choice.

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