The seven stages of yoga practice or the seven stages or limbs of Patanjali’s system of training if practised as regularly as the scales of music for one who wishes to be a musician – will bring the rewards of Samadhi to the yogi.

The personality is involved in all aspects of the traditional seven stages. The eighth however, is bestowed, in the mysterious quality of Grace that comes when other factors are at the appropriate stage of preparedness. Samadhi cannot be ‘attained’ by the direct use of the Will. It comes when the soul has created the right climate for the experience that is perhaps the greatest height in human consciousness, with the simplest message yet most profound impact upon our lives.

By the natural law that requires self effort, we all must put into practice the disciplines of self improvement that are universally recognized yet require our personal will and focus. We gradually grow and change through our choices regarding exercises of qualities needed and bad habits to restrain as well as through the challenges we face in external circumstances.

Remaining faithful to our ideals and our perception of ultimate perfection , it is possible to keep a balance between spiritual and practical life, particularly if we take the time to identify in our meditations the few most intense symbols and qualities that we would wave as our invisible ‘standard’ and constant reference.

Life to maturity would seem to us to be an ever increasing complexity that if we allow it, may confuse us.

Our wisdom as we age directs us towards a growing sense of unity and simplicity as we discover the true, magical life melodies for ourselves.

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